Benefits and Risks of Radiation

It’s a natural conundrum! Being exposed to too much radiation can be harmful, if not lethal. On the other hand, without radiation, we wouldn’t benefit from the heat of the sun and life wouldn’t exist as we know it.

  • Benefits and Risks of Radiation

    Benefits and Risks of Ionizing Radiation

    The effect of ionizing radiation on our bodies differs according to its type and energy. Scientists have known for more than 80 years that large doses of ionizing radiation can damage human tissues.

  • Benefits and Risks of Non-ionizing Radiation

    The sources and uses of non-ionizing radiation include sunlight, microwaves, radio waves, laser, radar and sonar.

  • Radiation in Medicine

    Radiation in Medicine

    There are countless areas where the power of radiation and nuclear techniques has been harnessed for the benefit of mankind, not only in medicine, but also in industry, agriculture and other fields of science and technology.